Your donation will empower the next generation of Ugandan girls and their babies

Empower girls through education

Supporting girls to stay in school will create opportunities beyond village life and teenage motherhood. For as little as $30, you can help change the course of a Ugandan girl’s life.

$35 a month will keep a girl in vocational training
$50 a month will keep a girl in school
$400 will provide a 1-year vocational scholarship and help a girl start her own business
$600 will enable one vulnerable girl to attend school for a year
$2,400 will provide a 4-year education scholarship

Help a mother give birth safely

Women and babies die in northern Uganda daily due to lack of maternal and child health care. Your one-off donation or monthly giving is a life-saving gift.

$15 will provide a birthing kit
$60 will provide a Labour of Love voucher giving a mum access to a safe birth and antenatal care
$75 will provide a birthing kit and a Labour of Love voucher
$75 will provide an emergency ambulance trip with skilled staff to the closest operating theatre (minimum one hour away)