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Our Work


Quality education and care for girl mothers and their babies.

Maternal Health

Safe births to reduce the alarming mortality rate for mothers and babies.

Build a Hospital

Maternal health services for vulnerable women affected by conflict and poverty.

The School of Restoration

‘Beyond inspiring… this story of the redeeming power of educating girls and the restoration of traumatised lives is beautiful. The impact will be immeasurable.’

Tim Costello AO

Alice Achan was just thirteen when the Lord’s Resistance Army first terrorised her village in northern Uganda in 1987. She spent five years on the run from the brutal LRA, narrowly escaping the abduction and enslavement that befell over 20,000 children.

Spurred on by the plight of those captured, she began to house and nurture female survivors of the sexual violence that was a trademark of the LRA’s twenty-year campaign. She counselled her first group of ten child mothers, left with babies and HIV as a result of their enslavement, under the shade of a kworo tree. Today, Te-Kworo Foundation provides quality education and maternal healthcare to hundreds of girls every year.

Written in Alice’s powerful yet understated voice, The School of Restoration is a compelling story of hope, forgiveness, redemption, and the human capacity to survive and even thrive against the backdrop of war and chaos.