The precious gift of hope for Irene

From an early age, Irene faced the harsh realities of life.

She lost her father, who was a soldier in the conflict that gripped northern Uganda in 2006, when she was only a baby. 

Her mother, who has a physical disability and relies on a wheelchair for mobility, shouldered the burden of raising Irene and her elder sister alone. The family’s daily life was a series of challenges: Irene and her sister had to assist their mother with tasks beyond their young capabilities, such as fetching water and firewood. These responsibilities often interfered with Irene’s education, causing her to miss school and struggle academically.

Irene felt a deep sense of insecurity, compounded by the absence of her father and the constant worry about her mother’s wellbeing. The financial strain made it seem unlikely that she would continue her education beyond primary school.

After passing her primary leaving examination, Irene’s mother, who was aware of their dire situation, sought help from the scholarship program at Kworo High School. This initiative proved to be a beacon of hope for Irene. The full scholarship she received lifted a tremendous burden, allowing her to focus on her studies without the worry of financial strain.

This opportunity has transformed Irene’s outlook on life. The scholarship was not just a means to continue her education; it was a promise of a brighter future.

With renewed hope, Irene now dreams of completing her ‘A’ levels and becoming a teacher. She envisions a future where she can support her mother and give back to the community that stood by her in her time of need.

Grateful for the generosity that has altered her path, Irene is full of appreciation for those who have supported her. Their kindness has brought a smile to her face and reignited her aspirations. She prays that their efforts to support girls’ education continue to be richly rewarded, as they have given her and many others the precious gift of hope.