Sarah’s Story

Sarah Aloyojok

Like many other expectant mothers in northern Uganda, Sarah Aloyojok faced an extreme challenge early in her pregnancy. At 21 years old, Sarah had been married for five years and had one child when she fell pregnant a second time.

Two months into her second pregnancy she experienced severe lower abdominal pain and could not stand or walk on her own. She also had difficulty breathing, so her family took her to the nearest health facility at Latoro in Gotapwoyo subcounty. She was examined by the local nurse, who suspected it to be an ectopic pregnancy, or pregnancy outside the uterus. The health clinic could not deal with her condition, so they called on Te-Kworo Foundation to refer Sarah to Anaka Hospital, where she was found to have a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and operated on immediately. The fallopian tube with the growing fetus was removed and later she was transfused with 2 units of blood.

For the past three years, through Australian support, Te-Kworo has facilitated emergency referrals of pregnant mothers and children between 0-5 years. The availability of emergency response has reduced the rate of mortality and morbidity among the targeted group within Pader, Nwoya and Omoro Districts.

“Without the help of the health workers my wife would be dead since she was bleeding internally and as a lay person, we could not see that.” Nyinju James

“Much as I lost one side of my fallopian tubes, I still hope to deliver when we have another child. Above all I thank God so much for saving my life and I pray that may God open doors for more opportunities for Te-Kworo to continue saving us mothers, especially with referrals. Most of us face a lot of challenges when it comes to referral to hospital, but I’m so grateful Te-Kworo came to my rescue when there was need.” Aloyo Jok Sarah

Sarah Aloyojok