Today, Te-Kworo Foundation operates three boarding schools in northern Uganda.

More than 4,000 girls have benefitted from academic studies and vocational training since the schools were founded, and numbers are still growing.

Te-Kworo Foundation also operates a Medical and Maternal Health Clinic which serves a population of approximately 300,000 people. We strive to give every woman and child the chance of a healthy life by supporting access to life-saving maternal health services and the opportunity for a safe birth for every pregnant woman.

Our next project will help to improve birth outcomes in northern Uganda, a region with some of the world’s highest rates of mother and infant mortality. A built-for-purpose maternity hospital to provide free maternal health services for vulnerable girls and women affected by conflict and poverty, who currently have no access to such services.

Our Work


Quality education and care for girl mothers and their babies.

Maternal Health

Safe births to reduce the alarming mortality rate for mothers and babies.

Build a Hospital

Maternal health services for vulnerable women affected by conflict and poverty.