Inspiring hope over the airwaves


My name is Lawino Eunice. I am in Senior 2 (Year 8) at Kworo High School, Nwoya Campus. I am the fifth child in a family of 7 children, and I live with a single mother who is mentally impaired. My maternal Aunt has taken care of us from when I was in Primary 5 (5th Grade). This situation had made life very difficult because my Aunt was unable to meet our basic needs – she would only ensure that we ate. Education was not her priority, as she could not afford books and pens, let alone a uniform and fees. This had made me lose hope of finishing my studies. I went to school knowing I could be sent home any time, and that would be the end of my education.

One day when I was in the garden during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, I heard a radio program in Rupiny FM about education support for vulnerable girls by Te-Kworo Foundation. It pricked my interest, so I went physically to school to find out more. I was lucky because when I told the project officer my situation she filled out my assessment form and later I was told that I have been enrolled for a partial scholarship at Kworo High School, Nowya campus.

I am now very happy because I am at school full of hope for completing my studies. My Aunt will only have to pay half of the fee, by supplying the school with firewood for cooking as she discussed and agreed with the school management. I am very hopeful that through the support I have got I will be able to complete my studies at Ordinary Level [‘O’ Level or Year 10] and pursue a professional course that will enable me achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. I plan to support my other siblings and the community through the service that I shall be offering.

I would now like to encourage donors who are supporting my studies that your support is very vital for me and all those who are financially challenged like me. Your support shall not be in vain and God will continue to reward your kindness. Be blessed.

Kworo High School