Te-Kworo Foundation Christmas Gift Catalogue

Give your loved ones a gift that will secure the future of vulnerable girls and young mums in Northern Uganda

How it Works

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Shop our Christmas gift catalogue and choose a gift for your loved ones

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Write them a message and receive an E-Card to send or print for them

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Make an impact and secure a future for vulnerable women and girls

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Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net - $15

Give the gift that will help stop the spread of Malaria. A mosquito net will provide a family with night-time protection from deadly mosquitos.

The Bay at Novigrad

Mama Kit - $15

Gift an expectant mum a birthing kit, which can ensure a safe and clean birth with a few basic necessities that help prevent infection, disease and death for mother and child.

November Lillies

Where Most Needed - $50

Give a gift to where there is the most need. This gift will ensure that team can allocate funds to the current needs.

A Table Inside

Labour of Love Voucher - $75

Give an expectant mum access to Antenatal care, a safe delivery, a birthing kit, access to immunisations until the baby is 6 months and postnatal care until the baby is 9 months


Midwife Training - $200

Give a give that will improve and sustain the health of its population across northern Uganda. Many of our secondary school students will undergo midwifery/ nurse training.

Occam’s Razor

Pay a Wage - $250

Give the gift of a salary to our medical staff. Our maternal health clinic doctors and midwives work hard to uplift the health of the community

Fish Soup

Vocational Training - $400

Give the gift that will enable a young woman to provide for her family. This gift will provide a one year vocational scholarship and help a girl start her own business

Hovering Overhead

Internet & Computers - $100

Give the gift of technology. The new national curriculum requires all students to access the internet for research, however with no reliable power source, there is no internet at the school sites, and there are currently only a handful of old computers for 300 students.

Through the Trees

Secondary School Scholarship - $600

Give the gift of an education. This gift will enable one vulnerable girl to attend school for a year.