Christine’s new-found hope

My  story began when my father left me and my other two siblings with only my mother who would struggle to provide for us. In 2018, life became unbearable and my mother seemed overwhelmed with the responsibilities and she deserted us. My grandmother came and took us in and started caring for us, but she was unable to support my education, and later gave me up to my paternal uncle to pay my fees.

While I was with my paternal  uncle in Kampala, I went through a lot. His  wife subjected me to hard conditions. She would make me do so many household chores to the extent that I would arrive at school late each day. In the evenings when I returned home, I would find piles of clothes for me to wash. By the time I was done with the laundry it would be already be midnight. This affected my performance at school so badly that I was almost discontinued. But I persevered because I really wanted to study.

My worst moment came when my uncle sent away his wife and changed me into the house maid where I used to do everything from preparing his children to go to school in the morning to cooking food for them when I return from school in the evening, when he saw that I was not bothered by the  heavy work he subjected me to and I was still going to school,  he decided to stop paying my fees saying he didn’t have money, and the little he had was going to support his children. 

I felt really low at this time. I felt that this was the end of me. All hope was gone. I would envy other children who had their parents and were not struggling with fees.  When I saw that my uncle was not willing to support me, I decided to escape and went back to my village. When I reached my home village, I stayed for several months with no hope of going to school again. Then one of my distant relatives got an employment opportunity with Te-Kworo Foundation. When he got to know about the scholarship opportunity, he contacted my grandmother  and connected me with Kworo High school where I was offered  scholarship.

I joined  the school in term two 2022 and I am now studying peacefully.

When I joined the school, the environment was very receptive. The girls who are also beneficiaries like me are so friendly, the teachers and all the staff of the school and organization are friendly and supportive.  I like the school and the organization  so much because besides the academic aspect,  they also support the spiritual growth of the girls and this is offering healing to those with broken heart like me.

Since I joined the school my life has not remained the same. I feel so happy for having been rescued from my life as a house maid. Through the fellowship, I also received healing from the emotional abuse that I went through. I am very happy because through the support, I see some ray of hope in life because I am sure that where I have reached I will be able to sit for my senior four and I hope to pass with good grades and join some professional course.

Unlike before, I have learnt to smile again. My heart is joyous for the scholarship opportunity that I have got and life has become meaningful to me again. I know there are so many girls who could be going through what I went through and they may not be as lucky as I have been to access such a golden opportunity. My prayer is that God will open doors so that many more girls are reached and their futures are secured.