Te-Kworo Foundation, in partnership with Sonic Healthcare Foundation and Barbara May Foundation, are working together to improve birth outcomes in northern Uganda – a region with some of the world’s highest rates of mother and infant mortality. It will see the realisation of a built-for-purpose maternity hospital to provide free maternal health services for vulnerable girls and women affected by conflict and poverty, who currently have no access to such services.

The relationship brings together Alice Achan and Te-Kworo Foundation’s twenty years of grassroots work with war-affected girls and women in northern Uganda with Dr Andrew Browning’s twenty years of service to women, preventing and treating obstetric fistulas, in Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudan and other parts of Africa.

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The new Kworo-Sonic Healthcare Foundation hospital will include an operating theatre, pathology services and a blood bank, so women and babies with birth complications won’t have to travel two hours by ambulance for surgery or a blood supply. The hospital will have dedicated wards for mothers and newborn babies, to prevent the transmission of disease, which is common in shared wards. The hospital is under construction and is due to open in 2025.

Experience the 3D immersive design of the new Te-Kworo Maternal Hospital by scanning the QR code. Below are some 3D designs of the hospital.

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