Breaking the poverty cycle for Gladys

My life until year January this year has not been easy. I lost my mother when I was a little girl. My father did not stay with us.

My grandparents took me in and we have been living in abject poverty. My situation has forced me to take on responsibility at a very young age. Every day  I need to ensure that I support my grandmother in looking for food by digging other people’s garden or fetching water. My grandfather has a physical disability and cannot handle hard work, so I have to ensure that our family gets something to eat each day. 

Despite all our hard work, we can only afford one meal each day.

Gladys and her grandparents

Our home is a single grass thatch hut which is in very bad shape. It leaks when it rains so, because of this, I sometimes have to sleep at a neighbour’s place and I cannot study or revise my books at night like other students can.  

When I had to miss a lot of school because I was supporting my grandparents, my grades started to slip. My grandparents and I resigned to the fact that I would not be able to study beyond primary school. 

My life changed forever when some staff from Te-Kworo Foundation, led by some of my community leaders, came to our home and interviewed my grandparents to see if I was eligible to receive a scholarship to study at Kworo High School.

Given my unfortunate circumstances, I was offered a full scholarship. This support has rescued me from getting married off because if I had missed this chance to continue my studies, I would have no option but to get married at my age.  

The opportunity offered to me by Te-Kworo Foundation has brought me hope and happiness; I can easily mingle and smile among other students now. Everything that has happened to me is a miracle and every day I give God the glory.  

I know that it is still hard at home, and it’s not always easy when I go home for holidays. However, I am happy and full of hope that if I persevere, I will make it in life. It’s still a long way for me but I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me. I pray to God that this support continues so that I can continue with my education and fulfil my dream of becoming a teacher.

Gladys pumping water at Kworo High School


Gladys studying in class