Access to education, a challenge for many girls in Uganda

Girls’ education in northern Uganda was severely impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which hit just as communities were beginning to restore their children’s educational lives and rebuild post-conflict. One of the biggest challenges to date has been the increase in teenage pregnancies, with over 650 000 teenage pregnancies recorded between 2020 and 2021 alone. Our education model, providing second chance education for girls, builds a future for both teenage mothers who have suffered gender-based violence, and their babies.

In 2023, Te-Kworo Foundation is committed to providing 300 education scholarships to vulnerable girls in northern Uganda at $600 for a one year scholarship.

Art For Education, an unlikely collaboration

Art For Education is a collaborative moment between Te-Kworo Foundation and some of Australia’s most accomplished contemporary artists. Donated artworks will be part of an online art auction, with proceeds going towards the funding of 300 education scholarships for girls and young mothers in northern Uganda.

Kirsty Neilson, one of the participating artists and a social justice advocate, shared why she decided to participate in this fundraiser: “The art community is known for rallying together and supporting current needs, and this is a cause very dear to my heart as I’ve seen firsthand the repercussions from the civil war and the LRA (Lords Resistance Army). Women and specifically young girls are the most at risk for HIV, rape, lack of education, hard labour, and being outcast by society. They deserve the basic education to set them up for a bright future and that’s something I know is worth fighting and raising money for.”

Through this collaboration, participating artists can bring awareness to the issue and the plight of the African girl, who is often invisible to the world in this ever-growing global village. Art as a creative medium has the power to bridge gaps through storytelling.

Participating Artists

Pilot girl Pulling up Sleeves

Kathrin Longhurst

Title: Pilot girl Pulling up Sleeves
Size: 40x60cm
Medium: Enamel paint on acrylic


Ben Quilty

Title: Tenderness
Size: 50 x 34cm (plate size)
Frame: 76 x 57cm (paper size – printed on 300gsm Somerset paper)
Medium: Two plate colour etching
Edition 1 of 10

Ashes to Ashes, Lust to Dust

Blak Douglas

Title: Ashes to ashes, lust to dust
Size: 60 cm x 85 cm (Includes 5cm white border)
MEDIUM: Canson 310gsm photo rag
INK: 12 colour pigment ink digital print

A portrait of Coby Edgar

Kim Leutwyler

Title: A portrait of Coby Edgar, Curator Strategic Projects First Nations, Powerhouse Museum
Size: 91.44 x121.92 cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas

This painting has an augmented reality experience. To activate the augmented reality, open the Artivive app on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are looking at the artwork online or in person, simply view the work through the Artivive app and the augmented reality will come to life.

The Matriarch

Kirsty Neilson

Title: The Matriarch
Size: 140cmx126cm
Medium: Oil on linen

The Bay at Novigrad

Tsering Hannaford

Title: The Bay at Novigrad
Size: 15cm x 22cm
Frame size: 31cm x 39cm
Medium: Oil on board

November Lillies

Paul Newton

Title: November Lilies
Size: 48 x 45cm
Medium: Oil on linen

A Table Inside

Dani McKenzie

Title: A Table Inside
Size: 60cm x 50cm
Medium: Oil and acrylic on board


Evert Ploeg

Title: Burlesque
Size 46 x 61 cm
Medium: Oil on linen,

Occam’s Razor

Caroline Zilinsky

Title: Occam’s Razor
Oil on linen
72 x 56cm

Fish Soup

Jonathon Dalton

Title: Fish Soup
Size: 41x51cm
Medium: Oil on linen

Hovering Overhead

Marisa Purcell

Title: Hovering Overhead
Size: 137 x 112 cm,
Medium: Acrylic on linen

Through the Trees

Marie Mansfield

Title: Through The Trees
Size: 76x102cm
Medium: Oil on linen, 2022

Back to the Open Sky

Antonia Perricone-Mrljak

Title: Back to the Open Sky
Size – 32.5 cm x 42.5 cm
Medium- Oil l on concrete
Frame – Tasmanian raw oak frame

Be part of making a difference through art

To be part of the online auction, please register now to receive a link to the auction.
Artworks donated by the above artists will be auctioned on an online platform from 7 to 14 October 2022.

The online auction will close on the 14th of October at 4pm.