A second-chance for Mary

Mary’s story unfolds with the heart-wrenching loss of her mother when Mary was only six months old. Her mother was victim to an act of violence at the hands of their own father. Her father was imprisoned and Mary was sent to an orphanage to live, where she clung to the kindness of a woman who cared for her as her own.

At the age of 14, Mary’s father, resurfaced to claim his child. But instead of safety and love, Mary found herself thrust into a new nightmare under the harsh rule of a stepmother. Stripped of education and burdened with excessive chores, her life became a cycle of abuse and fear.

Fuelled by terror and desperation, Mary fled. She embarked on a gruelling four-day journey on foot back to the orphanage.

Amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. Mary was offered a scholarship to study in Te-Kworo’s vocational training program. Mary has been at school for over a year now, focusing on tailoring.

With a scholarship, Mary has a safe roof over her head, and meals for the entire year.

Mary is grateful for the second chance bestowed upon her, and her child, Mercy.

Mary looks to the future with renewed optimism.  Mary hopes to open a shop where she can make her own clothes to sell. She dreams of being able to support herself, her child and her mother [the kind woman who took her in at the orphanage] as she is now ageing.

Education has not just been a means to an end for Mary, but a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak existence.